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What happens during a Dapper consultation?

First, we'll chat so I can know more about what your particular concerns and issues around clothes are. Then I'll have you model for me three outfits: casual, business casual, and formal to get a sense of your personal sense of style. We'll talk about what works and doesn't work with each outfit and then we'll dive into your closet to look at individual items that should either be eliminated or saved. We'll then look at a variety of image boards to give you a better idea of what sort of clothes you should look for and how to pair things together. Finally, we'll end by looking through a customized database of stores that will give you some ideas of where to shop for certain items based on your particular needs and budget.


How personalized is a consultation?

Very! Before we even meet, you'll fill out a questionnaire with info about your style concerns, sizes, where you currently shop and what you hope to learn from the consultation. Whether you're big, tall, short, skinny, or average, you'll learn tips on how to dress for your body shape and where to find clothes that specialize in your size.


This seems expensive. Why does this cost so much?

Dapper is a personalized one-on-one service where you get dedicated attention that focuses on you. In addition to superb customer service,  you'll get individualized attention and immediate feedback that simply reading a book or website won't be able to give you. 


I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes. Are there things in my price range you can recommend?

Definitely! While I want to encourage clients to move away from "fast fashion" (clothes made by places like H&M that are cheap but not well made or designed to last), there are definitely clothes options at all price points. You may need to spend a little more than you currently spend on clothes, but you will be making an investment in yourself that will last for years.


Why should I work with you?

I know first-hand what it's like to feel lost and confused about what to wear. For a long time, I didn't really have a sense of style or understand how outfits worked. You'll find in me a personable, supportive attitude that will have you feeling confident in what to wear in no time.